Bocianie Gniazdo

BOCIANIE GNIAZDO residential development is located in the northern part of Kraków, in the area of Siewna and Bociana Streets, next to the characteristic “rotunda”.
An important aspect, which determined the choice of this land for a residential development, was its proximity to Kraków city centre and availability of communication routes creating advantageous connections with outbound highways.
BOCIANIE GNIAZDO has been designed specifically to provide the most “user-friendly” experience. Thus, we have created an enclave, isolated from the inconveniences of the existing and planned communication routes.
The enclave consists of internal courts designed as a complex of intersecting interiors with diverse scales and proportions, closed to vehicle traffic. The courts have alleys, squares, summer houses, attractive lighting and rock gardens with accompanying greenery and places to rest.
Service premises are located on the ground floors of the buildings. This allows the residents to make basic shopping without having to leave the residential development.
The primary aim of the investor was to ensure that this site had an appropriate space standard.
  • Apartamenty Kaskada I stage

  • Apartamenty Kaskada II stage

  • Apartamenty Kaskada 3rd stage

  • Offices and service premises

  • Aquapark in Krakow - Park Wodny

  • Hotel Swing