Aquapark in Krakow - Park Wodny

The initiator of construction of Park Wodny and its developer and investor was Super Krak S.A. Currently, the facility is managed by our subsidiary – Park Wodny w Krakowie S.A. The design of Park Wodny was prepared on the basis of experience of many companies which they gained when designing, constructing and using facilities of a similar type. Basic functions:
• recreation (swimming pools, water slides, saunas);
• rehabilitation (classic massage, hydro massage performed by side/bottom/upper massage units, whirlpool tubs);
• sport (gym, fitness club, dance and physical activity studio, Far East martial arts studio)
• gastronomy (restaurant, small wet bar, coffee shop)
• services (beauty studio).
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  • Bocianie Gniazdo

  • Apartamenty Kaskada I stage

  • Apartamenty Kaskada II stage

  • Apartamenty Kaskada 3rd stage

  • Offices and service premises

  • Hotel Swing