Apartamenty Kaskada I stage

Apartamenty Kaskada residential development is situated in an exceptional site located in the northern part of Kraków. This site is well known thanks to Park Wodny w Krakowie which is located in its close proximity. An important aspect, which determined the choice of this land for a residential development, was its proximity to the city centre, easy accessibility of transport connections and communication routes as well as developed retail and service infrastructure. In its first stage, the development investment project called Apartamenty Kaskada includes two multi-unit residential buildings along with service premises and an underground car park for multiple cars.
Apartamenty Kaskada have a total of 197 apartments and 6 service premises to offer.

  • Bocianie Gniazdo

  • Apartamenty Kaskada II stage

  • Apartamenty Kaskada 3rd stage

  • Offices and service premises

  • Aquapark in Krakow - Park Wodny

  • Hotel Swing