Apartamenty Kaskada 3rd stage

The "Apartamenty Kaskada" are located in the northern part of Kraków - Prądnik Czerwony, close to educational, medical, 
recreational facilities and extensive commercial and service infrastructure (including Aqua Park in Krakow, Multikino 
and shopping center). "Apartamenty Kaskada" are a unique proposition and a great choice for those looking for 
a well-located apartment in Krakow. The modern, dynamic form of residential buildings, with friendly colors 
and soft facade lines, reflects the desire to create an above-average place. 
The third stage was the last stage of this investment.
  • Bocianie Gniazdo

  • Apartamenty Kaskada I stage

  • Apartamenty Kaskada II stage

  • Offices and service premises

  • Aquapark in Krakow - Park Wodny

  • Hotel Swing