Owner of Super Krak S.A. is JB Property Group Sp. z o.o.

Our story

Super Krak was founded in 1994 as a joint-stock company and started its real property developer activity consisting in comprehensive implementation of investment projects. The range of activities of Super Krak S.A. includes rental of own and leased properties as well as acquiring and preparing investment land along with organisational and legal services. The aforesaid activities are carried out in whole Poland with particular emphasis on the Municipality of Kraków.

The specificity of real property development and investment projects executed by Super Krak S.A. may be analysed taking as an example the development of the 43 ha Obszar Strategiczny Olsza (Olsza Stratigic Area) in Kraków. The real property developer work carried out in that area – real property consolidation, infrastructure investment projects and acquiring of investors – made it possible to implement the first elements of a multifunctional Commercial Centre. In Obszar Strategiczny Olsza, commercial facilities – Geant hypermarket (Real since 2007), OBI (DIY and garden mega store) as well as BP petrol station – have been operating for a dozen of years or so.

In 2000, Park Wodny was opened – a swimming pool complex featuring state-of-the-art rest and recreation equipment. In 2001, a 12-screen Multikino (multiplex) was opened and a shopping centre selling children’s articles (“Entliczek-Pentliczek”) was opened in 2004. Finally, Rondo Business Park (office centre) developed by BUMA Group opened in 2007. The latest project in the City Centre, executed by a subsidiary of Super Krak S.A., is a 4-star Hotel Swing with 146 rooms.

In 2012, the Company implemented the first stage of a project consisting in the construction of upper-end apartments – Apartamenty Kaskada at ul. Dobrego Pasterza. Plans for the development of Obszar Strategiczny Olsza also include execution of further stages of the said project.
Currently, Super Krak S.A. operates as a capital group which also comprises the following entities:

Hotel Swing Sp. z o.o.
Park Wodny w Krakowie S.A.

Super Krak S.A. is a member of Stowarzyszenie Budowniczych Domów i Mieszkań (Association of Builders of Houses and Apartments)