Apartamenty Kaskada II stage

Apartamenty Kaskada in Kraków are one of the largest housing investment projects implemented by Super Krak S.A.  The Company has chosen the northern part of Kraków to be the residential development site due to its close proximity to Park Wodny, Multikono and numerous establishments, which make this location very attractive.
Apartamenty Kaskada have been divided into three stages. To date, two residential buildings were erected in stage I and one in stage II.
Stage II of the investment project was opened for use in Q4 of 2015. There are 5 luxury apartments with terraces and 54 comfortable apartments in the constructed building with usable floor area ranging from 27 to 111 m2. All apartments constructed in this stage have storage rooms in the underground floor.
The apartments draw one’s attention with their non-standard design, previously unseen in Kraków. The form of the buildings clearly stands out against local buildings thanks to a soft line of the façade and large terraces facing the south.    
Despite the atypical shape of the façade, care was taken to preserve the functionality and wide arrangement options of the offered apartments. The above fact has been recognized by the buyers which showed in high sales dynamics of the apartments.
The residential development itself has been designed in such a manner to meet high demands of buyers and residents. There is no shortage of greenery, walking alleys and safe and attractive space where children of different age may play.  
All the above-mentioned advantages of Apartamenty Kaskada in Kraków, already appreciated by the current residents of the residential development, also received a distinction in the competition for the title of Krakowski Mieszkaniowy Deweloper Roku 2014 (Best Housing Developer in Kraków of 2014).

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