Owner of Super Krak S.A. is JB Property Group Sp. z o.o.

Scope of activity

The main area of activity of Super Krak S.A. is the performance of work connected with real property development and investment projects, including residential buildings, modern shopping, recreation and office centres as well as hotels and industrial buildings.
In the areas we develop, we create zones whose main characteristic is that various functions mutually complement each other. Such zones become “a city within a city”, establishing new standards of services.

Lately, the Company has been concentrating mainly on investment projects relating to residential buildings as well as offices and service premises to let and intended to be sold.
In each investment project, we use materials of the highest quality only and that is why the new apartments as well as offices and premises to let in Kraków that we develop are guaranteed to be durable and reliable.
A confirmation of the reputation of our Company is the fact that Super Krak S.A. has been successfully selling apartments in Kraków for many years and to date we have hundreds of customers and received numerous awards. 

The Company’s development plans direct our activity towards the purchase of investment land, our area of interest in that regard being not only Kraków.
Careful planning process of subsequent projects (beginning with the appropriate choice of a land parcel for the real property developer), efficient execution of the investment process and attention to the highest standard of the implemented investment projects give customers looking for an apartment in Kraków from a real property developer or offices in Kraków guarantee that by choosing Super Krak S.A. they make the best decision. 
The way we implement our projects makes many domestic and foreign companies want to cooperate with us. Some of the well-known international companies which have cooperated with Super Krak S.A. thus far are as follows: Mayland, Apsys, OBI (Stinnes), BP, Statoil, Pilkington.