Nowa Siewna stage II & IV

Thanks to the cooperation with the Kraków branch of IKEA, we have prepared for you ideas for the arrangement of apartments based on the offer of the Nowa Siewna estate, stages II and IV.
We invite you to find the details of the offer.
If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.


Apartment of 42 m2

Tah is another apartment prepared in cooperation with IKEA Krakow. Perhaps it will be easier for you to decide abiut your dream
apartemnt in NOWA SIEWNA.
All furniture and decorative accessories are available from IKEA Krakow.


apartment 54,92 m2

A combination of brick, concrete and wood. 
Sometimes it's hard to imagine how you can combine such different materials. Here is an example of a harmonious combination 
of these raw materials. We present you a concept developed by IKEA Krakow (especially for the types of apartments of 54.92 m2, 
which you can find in our offer).


apartment 65 m2

A comfortable 2-room apartment, for people who value space very much. 
Together with IKEA Kraków, we have prepared a proposal especially for you for lovers of pastels and modern design terndas. 
The idea is here, it's time to implement it. Find your dream apartment in Nowa Siewna.


apartment 70 m2

A beautiful, spacious apartment is not everything. It is worth thinking about an interesting arrangement of space. 
Here is another proposal that we have prepared for you with IKEA Krakow. We hope that our proposal will be an idea for your 
own apartment in NOWA SIEWNA.


Apartment 76 m2

How to arrange space to meet the tastes of both household members and guests? 
A project based on a 76 m2 apartment within the Nowa Siewna estate, where IKEA Kraków suggests how to prepare 
your dream apartment in an interesting and courageous manner.


apartment of 57, 26 m2

Together with IKEA Kraków, we decided to show you how you can make the apartment an ideal place for the whole family. 
The project shows how in an interesting way you can combine not only materials and colors, but also various 
dynamic patterns, making our interior warm and friendly at the same time.


apartment 83 m2

Sometimes it's hard to imagine how your dream apartment could look like. Together with IKEA Krakow we would like to inspire you 
and help to make your choice easier. 


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